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Starting Work Again After A Break (8/5/22)

The completion of the redesign is a bit overdue. Im going to start work on the index, classics, and more.

I can't really think of an excuse for the few months of no updates, either i've been busy with 3dmm or doom modding, but thats only been for like a month. It might've been the index page with trial and error i've gone through unfortunately burning me out, but I think that burnout has fizzled out, so expect more updates soon.

Welcome to the new and improved version of TNT-FILMS! (4/7/22)

This will be the next legitimate version of TNT-FILMS, there was another redesign, but I decided to cancel that one.

While it looks massively different compared to the 1.0 version of TNT-FILMS, It's really just a graphical update. Navlinks will still be the same (besides a few new ones,) same style of updates, same header, etc. Also, another big reason for a redesign is to make the site much cleaner in code. Basically, the 1.0 version is held up by plastic straws. So yeah... The biggest update, ever.

In Other News (8/12/22)

Texan Time Travel Movie

It's about damn time theres another off-topic news thing we have here.

This is a promotional thread for my new movie i'm working on, a sort of p.a.m movie that I think is most likely getting released, no matter how long it takes. It's basically about 2 bandits from the wild-west get kidnapped go to the future, voice actors needed!
Movie Of The Week (Hosted By Bown)

Texan Silly Boys 2

A group of friends get together to shoot up the King Komplex.

Latest Submitted Movie


In Diamond County, Texas, Luther Price and his former Confederate infantrymen plan a bank robbery.

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A collection of my unfinished works from 2020-2022, what else is there to say.