Whats new?
11/21/2022 Added the Great Bank Heist to the movies

8/12/2022 Finished links page (-plop)

8/11/2022 Added movie-of-the-week front page blurb

8/10/2022 Created & finished news page, also added some movies to the classics & movies pages (-plop)

8/9/2022 Added about pages to about tab (-plop)

8/7/2022 Redid navbar and movie tables (thanks plop!)

7/7/2022 Fixed the link to the movie of the week thread

7/3/2022 Re-doing news, added a little movie of the week thing on the right bar.

5/16/2022 Added a list for movies, also added an archive page for self-added, non-submitted movies

5/10/2022 Changed navlink colors, also changed the navbar's gradient to an image to eliminate color banding

5/9/2022 Changing the colorscheme from red-black to blue-black (navbar and rightbar was changed.) Will recolor the navlinks & other stuff later

5/3/2022 Added movies page.

5/2/2022 Half-completed about page

5/2/2022 Added titles to the navbar that correlate to the page you're on