Latest and Greatest redesign!

The great migration begins (1/30/22)

Its been a while since i've really done something significant with this site, how many times have I said that throughout this redesign? But yeah, im also changing the colorscheme again, back to red, from a quick minute poll of about 4 to 1. I also have to fix a ton of stuff because of directories and blah blah blah. But after that 2.0 is pretty much finished.

Starting Work Again After A Break (8/5/22)

The completion of the redesign is a bit overdue. Im going to start work on the index, classics, and more.

I can't really think of an excuse for the few months of no updates, either i've been busy with 3dmm or doom modding, but thats only been for like a month. It might've been the index page with trial and error i've gone through unfortunately burning me out, but I think that burnout has fizzled out, so expect more updates soon.

In Other News (8/12/22)

Texan Time Travel Movie

It's about damn time theres another off-topic news thing we have here.

This is a promotional thread for my new movie i'm working on, a sort of p.a.m movie that I think is most likely getting released, no matter how long it takes. It's basically about 2 bandits from the wild-west get kidnapped go to the future, voice actors needed!
Movie Of The Week (Hosted By Bown)

Spaceman Carl and the Northern Brightness

"A space adventurer/FedEx pilot and his sidekick embark on an amazing journey to find the true meaning behind that strange light in the December sky."

Latest Submitted Movie

The Great Bank Heist

"In Diamond County, Texas, Luther Price and his former Confederate infantrymen plan a bank robbery."

Latest & Greatest

Stroganoff's Compilation of Shoddy Shorts

"A small collection of various shorts I made."