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Latest Site news (4/2/2022)

TNT-FILMS has been completed!

It's about damn time I finished this up, this is no longer a work in progress as pretty much every page has been finished up. I'm happy with what I got, but this is a pretty messy site.

I'm going to redo the site with a completley new look. I'll keep it simple, but basically it'll be alot darker in colors, and I'll have each piece of content with its own division (such as the navbar.) It wont be a new site, but I might change the name to TNtopia, just a random name I came up with but I think TNT-FILMS too simple, it's literally just my 3dmm company name.

I hope I can get this redesign to work, I think the style of this design is too simple so pray to maltby it works!

Latest Site news (2/24/2022)

The tnt-films discord has officially opened!

We've decided to officially make a public tnt-films discord, for absolutley no fucking reason (or just for fun!)

With all kinds of things, from announcments, to site updates, and more.

Visit Here!

Latest Site news (1/20/2022)

Thinking about a complete redesign (first post of the year!)

So, i've thought about redesigning the site to make it more flashy, and no! Im not making it look flat and modern, I aint a fucking fag!

But where did this spike of motivation come from? Well, I viewed some old 3dmmstudio screenshots. And everytime I work/complete a site I always want something more, i want to try something new, so it was just a little inspiration because the screenshots looked alot cooler than this site.

But yeah, instead of creating a new site ill just rewrite this one. Wait! Please, calm down. I'm not going to actually rewrite the site right now, Ill make a new folder with all of the resources. And when the time comes i'll replace all of the pages. So, if you want to see the development of the new layout, you can view it here.


Plopilpy is now helping with the site!
3dmm-dungeon owner, director, and great friend of mine is now helping with the site by working on some of the pages as there are going to be a TON.

Wait, but why?
Well, you see hes been begging to work on the site. I was hesitant at first but I decided to give him permission to the account after I've slowed progress down with the site. As of now the links page is all finished up, Plop had set the general layout and I revised it. Im hoping we can work together to make this site better and better. The worst(or best) thing that could happen is have the site redirect to goatse. But im glad someone with a little bit more knowledge of html can help.


It suprisingly took me a while to work out the movies page but its here!
Im not sure about the rest but good lord the layout of the movie table is fucking awesome! It looks way better than I expected, but that was only because with the help of Plopilpy!

In html, if you have 2 elements, they will have a blank space inbetween by default. And I had the image and the movie table itself have a blank space inbetween. I had spent countless hours trying to get it to be removed, margins, padding, display stuff, every single tag and css code thing I could think of! In a last ditch effort I decided to message plop to get some help. And well, in a few hours he got that space removed! Basically plop had positioned the image in the negatives, I had already tried that but I apparently did it wrong . So big thanks to ploopy for all that! But yeah I still have alot of work to do!