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Latest Site news (4/2/2022)

TNT-FILMS has been completed!

It's about damn time I finished this up, this is no longer a work in progress as pretty much every page has been finished up. I'm happy with what I got, but this is a pretty messy site.

I'm going to redo the site with a completley new look. I'll keep it simple, but basically it'll be alot darker in colors, and I'll have each piece of content with its own division (such as the navbar.) It wont be a new site, but I might change the name to TNtopia, just a random name I came up with but I think TNT-FILMS too simple, it's literally just my 3dmm company name.

I hope I can get this redesign to work, I think the style of the current design is too simple so pray to maltby it works!

Universal news (4/21/2022)

3dmm's source code is released!

I'd never thought of this ever happening. But here it is. Thanks to Foone, we now have the full source-code of 3dmm for us to do anything we want to do with it.

From completely changing the ui, to making it higher res, or exporting movies to video files! From what I assume you can pretty much do anything with the source code. Since its literally 3dmm but editable.

Whats new?
-Redid the litterbug2 review. Also Changed some of the index's header texts.
-Fixed some grammar issues (Movies and about)
-Completed Mods page (more to come soon from it)
-Removed other page (we couldnt think of a good use for it, rip!)
-Added mods page
-Added Classics page
-Changed the index header to be randomly changed on each refresh.
-Added "whats new" to the frontpage, you're looking at it right now!
-About page completed
-Sounds page semi-completed (guns & footsteps)
Movie Of The Week (Hosted By Bown)

Bodily Functions
By: Fresh From The Oven Studios
A civilization of blood cells must combat a virus and an unholy army of bacteria. Page

Latest Submitted Movie

By: Topz Studios
In Diamond County, Texas, Luther Price and his former Confederate infantrymen plan a bank robbery. Page

Latest & Greatest

Famous (Unfinished)
By: Important Films Inc. & Dark Force Productions
Sprog wishes every day to be discovered by a famous director. One day, he gets his wish. Page


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